What are the Benefits of Divorce Financial Planning?

We will produce powerful case exhibits for you and your attorney in the form of spreadsheets, graphs and tables that simply and completely convey results of our analysis and help you and your attorney:

    • Find hidden and obscure assets and avoid missing something in the settlement
    • Determine income available for Child and Spousal support calculations.
    • Contemplate the risk/reward relationship of various negotiation strategies you may consider pursuing with your attorney

What are Benefits of Divorce Financial Planning?

You will learn about the ramifications of complex subjects such as separate vs. community property, valuing and dividing property, retirement and pensions, spousal and child support, the family residence, tax ramifications and insurance. You will

    • Understand the difference between separate and community property;
    • Understand how personal property, intangible and illiquid assets are valued and divided;
    • Understand Defined Contribution versus Defined Benefit plans versus Deferred Compensation plans and how they are valued and divided;
    • Understand the tax ramifications of Spousal and Child support including recapture and Child Contingency rules;
    • Understand the importance of security for support payments.

Gray Divorce: The Question of Alimony

I was recently interviewed for an article written by Caryn Brooks for Reuters. The article, titled “Gray Divorce: The Question of Alimony” seeks to understand what if any difference there might be in decision-making regarding Alimony and Spousal Support in Gray Divorces.

Gray Divorce refers loosely to the dissolution of marriages when the parties are over the age of 55. I make no judgments as to whether a certain age makes a divorcee old. I do however believe there are many financial complications and intricacies to the dissolution of marriage at a later stage in life. I will review many of these issues, concerns and questions in detail over coming months in my Gray Divorce series.

The Reuters article quotes a Massachusetts attorney, Garbrielle Clemens, who shared the story of two of her clients “forgoing alimony in order to front-load money in case their ex-spouse can’t come up with the payments down the line”. Click on the link above to learn a little about my opinion regarding the front loading and/or buy-out of Spousal Support in long term marriages ending in Gray Divorce as well as some practical thoughts when considering it as an option.