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Alimony Recapture

What is Alimony Recapture? Alimony Recapture is an effort by the IRS to block the disguise of a property settlement in divorce as tax deductible alimony. Internal Revenue Code requires recapture of deductions taken for alimony payments into the income of the payer spouse if alimony decreases too fast in the first three calendar years of permanent […]

Family Support Risks and Rewards

What is Family Support? Family Support is the common term for what courts refer to as “unallocated alimony and child support” and a tool for maximizing the after tax cash flow for both households after divorce. In cases where the divorcing parties have minor children and disparities in their incomes it is likely a judge […]

Spousal Support IS Modifiable

Can Spousal Support be Changed? YES! The amount and duration of Spousal Support may be modifiable. You can go to court and ask the judge to increase, decrease, or stop spousal support any time during the period when court has jurisdiction unless you agree otherwise in your settlement. In most states the court will retain jurisdiction […]

Spousal Support After Remarriage

Will I receive spousal support after remarriage? It may depend on who is getting remarried. The payer or the recipient? The remarriage of the payer has no affect on spousal support orders. Most divorce settlements do terminate spousal support after remarriage of the recipient. This is not a legal requirement just an assumption made in […]