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Life After Divorce: Determining Your Beneficiary Designations

A Little Backstory In January 2009, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (Kennedy v. DuPont Plan Administrator) against a woman suing her late father’s pension plan for money her mother received. This occurred even though the mother had forfeited her rights to the pension in their 1994 divorce. The Supreme Court determined the beneficiary designation form […]

A Long Separation: How this can affect your future financial planning

We have seen many new clients recently who have experienced a very long period of separation from their spouse. Why? The couple made a conscious decision to simply live apart in separate households without progressing to divorce proceedings. There are many divorce financial planning complications created by these long separations. Here are a few that […]

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: GOP Tax Reform Bill & Alimony Deductions

Understanding Alimony Deductions Under current tax law, alimony payments are deductible to the individual paying the alimony and reported as taxable income by the recipient (unless the divorce decree or separation agreement stipulates otherwise). In practice, this tax treatment often generated tax savings for a divorced couple, as the payor of the alimony (who received […]

Divorce Mediation: Controlling the outcome of divorce

What is divorce mediation? The concept of divorce mediation has increased in America in the last thirty years as divorcing parties realize that divorce court should be a last resort. Divorce mediation helps those people whose lives are actually affected by the decisions and allows divorcing individuals a sense of control of the outcome IF […]